Our Services

BMS provides a variety of innovative and customer-focused solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We provide Mobile Applications (IOS &Android), Website Design & Development E-Commerce, GIS Services, ERP Systems, Business Consultation, Advertisement Strategies, Social Media Campaigns and Strategies, Rebranding, Marketing Management, Designing and Printing, Content Creation and Competitive Intelligence Consultant

Assisting you with various aspects of your marketing campaigns, from developing specialized social marketing services to help expand your audience and cultivate interaction to proposing original and innovative ideas that can make your company stand out.

What can we do as business consultants?

We provide evaluation, feasibility studies, marketing tactics, profitability goals, advertisement strategies, industry performance as well as screening market demand and highlighting other marketing opportunities from markets point of view.

Our Core Services

▲ Business Plan
▲ Feasibility Study
▲ Marketing Planning
▲ Competitive Intelligence Consultant
▲ Marketing Management.
▲ Designing and Printing.
▲ Business Development & Training.
▲ ERP Systems.
▲ Mobile Applications(IOS &Android).
▲ Website Design & Development E-Commerce.

GIS Services

BMS are experts when it comes to GIS services as well as we present all GIS services including:

▲ Map creation

▲ Business and advertising data collection and analysis 

▲ Collection and analysis of urban and rural areas

▲ Support map content updates

▲ Plan and perform field data collection

▲ Maintain and enhance map creation processes

▲ Database creation, testing and inspection

▲ Conduct competitive information studies, identify potential new opportunities, and identify risks.

▲ Providing geographic consultations, data analysis, drawings of all types, and reporting.

Our Business Development & Training Services:

▲ Project Management.
▲ Marketing.
▲ Competitive Intelligence.
▲ Consumer Behaviours.
▲ Integrated Marketing Communication.
▲ Strategic Management.
▲ Cross-culture.
▲ Human resources Management.
▲ Business Research Methods.
▲ Entrepreneurship & SMEs.
▲ Contemporary Management.
▲ Geographic Information Systems “GIS”.
▲ Negotiation skills.
▲ Dealing with difficult people.

Mobile Application

Our mobile app developers are committed to developing apps that satisfy your criteria. We develop mobile apps for both IOS and Android. Mobile apps capture their clients’ attention and loyalty through the medium they are most engaged, which is their smartphone as it enhances customer service, raises brand awareness, and boosts product sales. We’ll provide you with:

Development Plan:

BMS provides you with analysis and professional advices from industry experts for your Mobile app idea and how to develop it


Tailored Apps:

BMS create apps that are tailored to your company’s requirements.

Unique App Designs:

Our team helps contribute the creation of impressive designs for your business app

Specialist Developers:

Experts who are professionally capable of handling any level of complicated mobile app development tasks.

Exceptional Quality:

Our testing team are keen in this process to make sure that the apps are of the highest quality and bug-free.

Simple Apps:

We design apps that are both sophisticated and simple to use. Get your company’s apps produced with confidence.

our media services

BMS are experts in media services to create awareness and draw more attention on both brands, businesses and companies. We have full media services either digital or printed services. We help our customers develop an effective strategy to achieve long-term communication with audience. We provide services including:


Fully Responsive, Multilingual Websites, Hosted In Most Reliable Servers.

▲ Website Design & Development E-Commerce.
▲ Mobile application.
▲ Server Hosting Provider System Maintenance.
▲ Mobile apps development, iPhone App, Android App, Mobile games.


Your Brand Is What Other People Say About You When You Are Not in The Room.

▲ Brand/Corporate/Product Identity Market Analysis & Survey
▲ Vision & Mission Creation on Naming & Tagline
▲ Brand & Communicate on Strategy Brand Positioning
▲ Manual & Guidelines
▲ Brand Activation
▲ Visual Product on, Sales Promo on, New Product Launch.


Because Eyes Are The Closest Gate To Your Heart.

▲ Print Advertising & Strategic Planning.
▲ Company Profile Development.
▲ Product Packaging Design .
▲ Marketing Collaterals Brochures & Flyers Catalogues.
▲ Invitations Newsletter.


The Shortest Road To Your Customers.
▲ Social Media Strategy & Viral Campaign Google AdWords.
▲ Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
▲ Email Marketing.
▲ Media Strategy & Planning Media Buying.


A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Word, Imagine What a Video Is Worth.
▲ Video Profile.
▲ TV Commercial.
▲ Viral Video Production Animation.
▲ Professional Photography.


Your Content In Professional way.

▲ PR Articles
▲ Professional Translation (English)
▲ News Production and Editing
▲ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)